About Us


Universal M&A Inc. has been established in June 2013. Our mission is to “Contribute in Japanese society and economy” and we are providing comprehensive M&A support services for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Due to rapid advancement in information technology the world is now a global village and there are no more barriers in communication and travelling. It has been observed that there is intense competition in the market and every business wants to move towards expansion and growth.

Japanese economic progress is based on technology and in-depth knowledge of SMEs. To assure Japanese prosperity in the future SMEs must be active and vigorous.
We utilize our expertise and global networking to stand as a supportive partner of SMEs; M&A is our strategy to make the scenario win-win for both parties.

We are one of the very few M&A consulting firm which is working for vitalization of Japanese companies and contributing for the prosperity and development of Japanese economy.

President, Yuichi Yanagida